Stress Less

Life will never be stressless, but maybe we can find better ways of managing our anxiety, stress, or feelings of despair.

Why do we react to stress that way?

When folks relapse and go back to vaping or smoking, it is almost always due to a stressful situation. The stimulation caused by nicotine in the brain can cause a release of dopamine which temporarily distracts us from the stress, fear, worry, sadness, or loneliness we were feeling.

But at what cost?

In order for vaping or smoking to get the nicotine to our brain, we need to first inhale smoke or aerosol into our lungs. So, on its way to bring some temporary relief to our brain, it delivers a bunch of chemicals to our lungs. Nicotine doesn’t kill 1300 Americans every year – the stuff we inhale into our lungs does. I am inspired by the countless stories of people reclaiming their freedom. It is the fire in my belly and the chief reason I love my work. But let’s be painfully clear for a moment. I have lost way too many friends. We all deserve to be free and need to be serious about managing our moods in safer ways.

Truth that can set you free

In this brief video, Katie talks about her journey to be free from tobacco and how it positively impacted her mental and physical health. Her story is consistent with the stories of countless brave quitters I know personally. Giving up a “coping tool” might seem to be a recipe for more stress, but that is not what people say! After a while, non-smokers/non-vapers are pleasantly surprised by how much better control they have of their moods and feelings. Katie’s my hero for sharing her story so bravely. Check it out:

Katie’s story and the stories of other brave COVID Quitters can be found here.

There are healthier ways to manage stress, but they take practice and persistence. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it (because you’re worth it!) QuittersWin groups can help. Let’s take positive action and believe that inner peace is on its way!

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