Be Sure to Cher!

Yes, this is a public service announcement to remind you that this weekend (very early Sunday morning) we’re supposed to turn our clocks back an hour.

That means we get “an extra hour.” It’s an interesting idea. What would you do if you had a free hour to use as you wish? What would you do if you could turn back time?

Today, our phones and many other devices make the adjustment all by themselves. But I remember when we’d spend most of the extra hour changing the clocks on the walls, on the microwave, the coffee pot, toaster, and way too many appliances. I must confess that I don’t even bother changing the clock in my car.

Maybe this is a good weekend to gift yourself an hour of intentional self-care. Get out the plastic table cloth and the acrylics and create some fun (and if it takes an hour to clean up – it was free, right?)

And while turning back time may may make it easy to slide into thoughts of regrets (if I had never started smoking, met Becky, said that mean thing to my brother) a more productive way to spend an hour would be to plot your next steps to fix what you can and keep moving forward!

Of course, I claim NO RIGHTS to this music or video, but it might help us remember to adjust our clocks!

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