The stories we tell ourselves (and choose to believe) determine our future…


We really need to think about our thoughts (brain cramp alert!) because they are powerfully influential. Our stories (thoughts) influence our feelings, which in turn influence our actions and subsequent thoughts.

Changing our stories changes our trajectory. To a MUCH greater extent than we probably realize, the words we choose when we tell our stories and talk to ourselves determine our future.

Listen for the lies…
…I knew I couldn’t do this
…Nobody cares anyway
…I picked up again, what’s the point?
…I failed again
…it’s too late for me to change
Other people would be hurt by such comments.
What do you suppose happens to YOU when you hear them?

Let’s try to choose our words (and out futures) carefully. We have the power to change our futures by simply changing our minds.

You deserve to be free!


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