Do Good, Feel Good

3.24.17 7.29.2016

Do Good, Feel Good

“When I do good, I feel good.
When I do bad, I feel bad.
That is my religion.” -Abraham Lincoln

So… we #DoubleDogDare you to go do an anonymous good deed and see how you feel! It’s really a “win-win,” isn’t it?! You bless someone and you get to feel better, too!

Go start a chain reaction of positivity by paying for the coffee of the stranger behind you at the drive-thru. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be one less stranger in town, and one new friend.

And then think about the potential ripple effect of your positive actions. That get’s exciting – what if the person you did your good deed for turned around and did likewise?

We don’t need spend money to spread the positive vibe. As you walk, shop, or work today, make a deliberate point of keeping your chin up and sharing a SMILE with people you encounter. A simple smile to a lonely soul is surely “good medicine!”

Get out there and spread your good vibes! -Thank you!


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