“Foolish?… I think not!”

3.30.2017 fool

A whole bunch of our quit buddies have decided to quit on April Fools Day in the US. What do you think? Is there ever a “bad” day to quit? Please consider the following points…

Might quitting be a truly fitting (if overdue) “prank” to play on the industry that fool us into using it’s product?

Might knowing that there are lots of others who are “with you” make it easier for you to feel confident, supported, successful?

Might adopting a playful attitude help ward off some of the anxiety related to quitting?

Might these April Fools Day quitters be – in fact – bloody brilliant?!

What are we waiting for? A truly ideal Quit Day is just around the corner and you can get LOTS of support, right here at QuittersWin!

Add your name to the comments below or TEXT me and let me know you’re joining these wise folks!

Thanks for being awesome!

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