“Moody Happens” (And it’s a good thing)

“Moody Happens”
(And it’s a good thing!)

Sometimes people joke about the mood swings while going through the process of quitting smoking (and other chemical addictions, too.) But anyone who has been through it realizes it’s nothing to joke about. It can be really unsettling to feel like your feelings are out of control.

But as much as it’s not fun, it is probably a good sign that your body is transitioning away from its addiction to a chemical. So I try to remind people facing this significant chemical transition of the following:

1. It’s normal (which means you’re not alone.)
2. It’s temporary (usually a couple weeks.)
3. It’s proof that your body is recovering!

And for those of you prone to self-blaming, please remember that being grumpy, weepy, cranky, or any of the other seven dwarves; it’s about your chemistry, not your character. So consider apologizing to folks around you ahead of time if it makes you feel better. You may be short-tempered for a little while, but it’s not you being inconsiderate or impatient – it’s you being detoxified. It’s you getting better!

Thanks for taking good care of you! http://ow.ly/i/uODKm

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