“Impossible? What Does That Even Mean?

“Impossible? What Does That Even Mean?”

Some of you have seen this photo before (some of you have it hanging on your refrigerator.) So as a warning to some of us and as a reminder to some, I encourage you to let this photo sink in. Allow it to reside in your mind. Consider repeating a power phrase like “all things are possible” a few times as you stare at the picture so the image can really become a coping tool for you.

Here’s a little back story to go with the photo…
Because of his condition at birth – missing two legs, part of an arm, with severe hydrocephalus (fluid build-up on the brain) the boy’s life expectancy was mere moments. But despite expectations, he has risen over every obstacle in his path. Apparently HIS expectations were very different! And when all is said and done, our expectations shape our future. So this remarkable young man NEVER uses words like “impossible.” He doesn’t acknowledge it as a word. He believes that “impossible” is a myth, a lie, an excuse that he just won’t ever make.

He played varsity baseball, varsity basketball, played point guard for the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team in an exhibition basketball game (with Dave Cowens and other Hall of Famers.) He did all of that and much more because he chooses his goals, expectations, and his words carefully!

Be careful about the words you use, my brave friends. Develop your expectations and you’ll cast your future!


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