“Feel Good Friday – Gratitude”

“Feel Good Friday – Gratitude”

Here’s a great mood-changing technique. and the more you REPEAT IT, the more likely you can count on it when you really NEED IT!

Shifting our focus to reasons to be grateful is well known and trusted way to shift a crummy mood into a brighter direction. Feeling curious can feel good too, so maybe asking “what am I grateful for today”? starts the mood shift. And when we can focus for a minute upon some simple beauty, act of kindness, provision, protection, or person we have previously overlooked can really deepen a sense of joy.

Try to catch yourself before the mood gets too dark, and stop what you’re doing – at least long enough for a several slow, deep breaths. If possible, step away from wherever you are and it may be easier to disrupt/interrupt the feeling you’re experiencing.

And of course practice, practice, practice builds habits. So try to practice the grateful breathing even when you aren’t feeling crummy so it can become a more automated or habituated response.

Thanks for being awesome!

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