“Missing Piece?”

“Missing Piece?”

Is there a missing piece that’s keeping you from being successful at making that big change? I wonder if it’s compassionate accountability. Accountability can be a powerful lever when it comes to making change. Having to give account to someone about our behavior can really move us towards our goal, but if that accountability comes off as superior, judgmental, or in any way punitive, it’s more likely to drive us away than to move us forward.

Finding the right accountability partner or accountability community makes a huge difference. When a person feels accepted and understood, they’re more willing to tell the truth – even when they stumble – because the fear of rejection is removed. It’s OK to be disappointed with outcomes, but if we’re in accountability relationships (partnerships or communities) we need to “love the slipper, hate the slip.”

Being able to handle a failed attempt without feeling like a failure is essential. Heavy-handed accountability can lead to feeling hopeless and helpless. And at the same time, being overly accepting of “slips” can make it too easy for us to not try harder. So (as so often is the case) balance is the key. We need to find someone who cares enough about us as a person to compassionately hold us accountable. It’s a tall order, but don’t stop seeking until you find it. You deserve to be free.

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