Nuts and Bolts

Changing our behavior can be a challenge, especially if there’s an addiction involved. At Quitters Win, we have learned that a Change Plan or Quit Plan needs to be comprehensive and cover five specific aspects. Be sure to read about BESOCHEMPS, the 5-Headed Dragon. It’s a unique and highly effective way to see and then untangle complicated relationships (sometimes called “addiction.”)

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What are the “nuts and bolts” of your quit plan? There are some tried and true tricks and tips that can help people on this journey. At Quitters Win we gather the “hive-mind” of lots of other brave souls who are making the journey to take back their freedom from addiction. And none of us is a wise as ALL of us! Learning from others’ experience just makes sense. Why reinvent the wheel? Learn what’s worked for others as you build your Quit Plan.

And be certain to cover all five aspects:
BE-havioral triggers
SO-cial triggers
CH-emical cravings
EM-otional urges
PS-ychological compulsions
BE-SO-CH-EM-PS will give you an essential framework for recovery. Add your own personalized “nuts and bolts” to your plan, and you are on your way!

This version of BESOCHEMPS was drawn by the incredibly talented Santiago Bautista.


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