Getting Lost Without Going Anywhere

Every now and then, getting “lost” can be really refreshing! Whenever I take time to wander, it gives me time to wonder. Sometimes I wander while I’m on my knees in the garden or yard, taking very small strides in a very familiar place. But by paying deeper attention and taking time to explore the intricacies of an unfolding leaf or bloom, I feel freed from worries.

Poking through the brush, running my fingers through the soil, I invariably find something interesting – something that arouses my curiosity, and again I am temporarily unaware of stress in my life. Wondering what it looks like inside the tiny ant hill makes me feel like I’ve been on a journey and I haven’t left my knees.

The iridescent wings of a bug on a flower petal make we wonder where else the tiny flier has been today. How many flowers has she visited today? Wandering, even on my knees in the yard, seems to reduce stress by giving me time to be curious, time to learn, time to wonder.

For me, wandering is “good medicine” and I hope that you will make time to wander today – even if you don’t leave the yard.

Thanks for taking good care of you!

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