“Get Down, Get Dirty, Get Better”

“Get Down, Get Dirty, Get Better”

It’s not too late to get a garden started. Whether your options are an acre, a planter on the deck, or a pot on the window sill, growing things can be really satisfying. And depending upon what you plant, it can really make it easier to eat more veggies, too. When you grow your own food, you can use organic fertilizer and know what you’re eating. There are obviously LOTS of advantages.

But if I never cut a fresh bouquet from my garden and never eat a single fresh tomato from my garden, gardening is still good for me. Planting things makes me stop and watch, stop and hope, stop and wonder (there’s that word again – check out yesterday’s post) and all of those things are good for me.

Planting things reminds me that it takes sunny days and rainy days to make stuff happen. And sometimes that helps me get through a rainy day without losing my smile. Planting things makes me hopeful, too. The idea of putting a seed or a baby plant into the ground and expecting it to prosper cultivates a sense of hope. The world needs more hope!

The idea that life comes out of the earth – out of the dirt – is also a hopeful idea. Gardening isn’t perfectly tidy. It take dirt to work. So get down and dirty this week, and EVERYONE can do this. Can’t roto-till? Use your window sill!

Here’s a shot of some lotus seeds growing on my window sill. Now, even when my schedule doesn’t include time to get into the dirt, I can still watch lovely things grow.

lotus seeds

Have a beaYOUtiful week, and don’t forget to get dirty! http://ow.ly/i/vGuMU

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