Determine What You Believe

Determine what you believe is impossible,
and then change your belief.
-Wayne Dyer

I’m not pretending that by believing that it’s not raining we can make the rain stop. So please don’t immediately look to the situations when Dr. Dyer’s quote is not applicable. Please don’t dismiss this challenging idea – at least not without honest, earnest consideration. The truth is that his quote applies to LOTS of (not all) situations.

Consciously and unconsciously we dismiss some ideas as impossible, and in so doing they actually become impossible because we never even try. We determine or decide that they’re impossible, and so they become.

Self-limiting thoughts can serve to protect us by insulating us from fear and failure. They can also keep us from achieving our potential, moving forward, reaching our dreams, and fulfilling our greater purpose. (Ouch!)

I’m not a judge of what is impossible in your world. I’m surely limiting myself with my determinations or decisions. My definition of impossible needs to be much smaller. But for you (and for me) I am certain that we could push back against the idea of “impossible” and thereby make some great strides. I wish for us the courage to try. So the next time we hear ourselves saying or thinking “I could never do that,” let’s honestly explore long enough to figure out if it’s impossible because it’s impossible, or if it’s impossible because we decided it is.

Have a beaYOUtiful day, brave friends!

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