“Think About What You Think About”

“Think About What You Think About”

WARNING: Brain Cramp Alert! 😉
Thinking about what we think about (being metacognitive) can be hard, but it can also be transformative – really life-changing!

When we slow down just a bit and try to observe the thoughts that pass through our heads, me will likely notice that some of them aren’t accurate and some aren’t helpful. When we identify any of these distorted ideas, we may be able to revise, re-frame, or re-write them. Doing so will definitely change our trajectory, as our thoughts tend to influence our feelings and our actions. Keeping a thought journal may really prove helpful for this adventure.

Changing our minds really can change our lives. I think you’re awesome for daring to fight this fight!


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  1. I agree but it takes some work to get good at re-writing our thoughts. Positive affirmations in the bathroom mirror go a long way in changing my self image.

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