Sometimes We Need to Do It Afraid

Sometimes We Need to Do It Afraid

Fear is a strange thing. It can compel us forward, sometimes in an uncomfortable, but productive way. I’ve seen countless folks decide it was time to stop smoking, quit drugs or drinking, and make other big changes in their lives only after being scared by some negative consequence.

At the same time, I have seen people so gripped by fear of change that they were essentially paralyzed, inert, unable to take a single step toward change. It appeared that they were more afraid of the unknown than the certain and imminent harm facing them.

When somebody tells me they aren’t ready, I’m not sure if they’re saying that they aren’t scared enough yet, or if they’re saying that they are so afraid of change (the unknown) that they don’t think they can take action.

When you spend time listening to sky-divers, mountain climbers, and other folks we tend to consider “brave,” they’ll often say that they are not without fear. They’ve just decided that DESPITE fear, they act – they do – they conquer! It is the fear that gives value to their action. Without fear, sky-diving might become a means to get from one place to another – no more fun than an elevator. Fear isn’t our foe. In fact, it can be our friend and even a source of fun and satisfaction.

Make friends with fear. And that change you’re thinking about making – that change you’re afraid of – do it (even of you have to do it afraid!


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