Find Your Quiet Place

Find Your Quiet Place

Everyone needs some quiet time. Everyone needs to decompress now and then. Everyone needs to unplug from technology (and yes, I realize that you’re reading this on an electronic device.) 🙂

Everyone needs a quiet place. Maybe your place is a physical, geographical place; the beach, the woods, a park, the bank of a river, or the side of a hill. I’ve often said that no matter what was wrong, a walk at the ocean’s edge would make me feel better.

Maybe the reason that nature can calm us is that nature reminds us that whether we’re feeling angry, lost, hopeless, the tide WILL come rolling in. The birds WILL still flit from branch to branch, the trees WILL still sway in a breeze. Perhaps it’s the reassurance of nature’s timelessness which makes us feel less angry, less anxious, less hopeless.

I hope you will take time today or tomorrow to spend a while in a quiet place. And if you absolutely cannot, seek the quiet within. It’s there if we take the time and quiet the noise. Consider posting the photo someplace where it might prompt you to occasionally make time for a walk in your quiet place.


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