Confucius Says

Confucius Says

It is said that Confucius said “They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” While I wasn’t there and cannot prove he said that, I do strongly agree with the truth of the saying!

Some say that because the world is constantly changing, we must change. But I think that even if the world remains static, our passing through time will require us to make changes. Our natural aging process will necessitate some change. But simply gaining truth will necessitate change.

When I was 12, I thought (more or less) like a 12 year old. Fitting in and being accepted were much more important to me then. So when a cool kid showed up at summer camp with a pack of Marlboros smuggled in his duffel bag, l was going to try a cigarette.

Quite obviously my response to that set of circumstances would be different today. I’m not saying that social pressure is never a motivator in my life, but it isn’t anywhere near as important as it used to be. I changed. I am changing. I will continue to change. I will continue to change until I die (and then my corporeal body will continue to change.)

Change is natural and necessary. Lean into it. Choosing to change keeps us in the driver’s seat. If we don’t choose to make some changes in our lives, we will eventually lose the ability to choose.

Whoever made that statement was right. We will be more content when WE choose to make a change. Just ask the people who are forced to quit smoking because their apartment complex bans smoking. When change is forced upon us we resist and resent (and suffer.) But if we CHOOSE to change, we are not SUBJECT to the change, we are AGENT of change (which feels WAY better, right?!)

Let’s seek wisdom and contentment and choose to look at change as a way to take control of our present and future. After all, change is coming – like it or not.


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