Why Change?

Why Change?

Why are you trying to make this change in your life?

“Remember your reasons” is advice I’ve given and heard countless times. But before we can remember our reasons for wanting to change, we have to know them – really know them. When we talk about quitting smoking, for example, when asked about their reasons they often reply, “my health.” That’s certainly a logical reason, but exploring that idea and developing a deeper understanding may be helpful.

Here’s a short list of things people might be thinking when they say “my health” is a reason for wanting to change:
“I’m scared of suffering,”
“I don’t want to be a burden on my family”
“I don’t want to look weak”
“I’m afraid of dying”

We tend to see health related FEARS as reasons to change. (SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!) Everyone suffers. Everyone dies. But by choosing to change, we can avoid some suffering (for us and others) and prolong our lives.

Expressing our reasons from a perspective of HOPE can sound and feel different. Rather than being afraid of “becoming a burden,” let’s look at “prolonging my independence.”

Here are some hopeful and helpful words to use when we express our reasons:

“Taking control of…”
“Regaining my…”
“Prolonging my freedom”
“Looking forward to…”
“Protecting my…”
“Respecting my…”
“Enjoying my…”

When cultivating your reasons, look for a way to express them that stirs your heart. Making your reasons emotionally meaningful will make them more helpful to you and easier to remember.

Let’s face it, “Enjoying more time with my grandchildren and setting the healthiest example I can for them” sounds WAY more motivating than “my health.”

Please explore your reasons, express them in a hopeful way rather than a fearful way, and be sure to engage your emotions. And as always, thank you for taking good care of you! http://ow.ly/i/xfbbt

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