Sing It Out!

Sing It Out!

Everybody grab your earbuds today! Let’s use some “good medicine” that comes without a childproof lid. Music has a spectacular capacity to move our mood. Feeling crummy? Craving? Crank up the tunes! We all know it works, so let’s make a HABIT out of taking our music with us wherever we go.

If you’re already in the daily music groove, try to pay attention to which songs shift your mood the most. Make a playlist that’ll turn your day from crappy to happy! Watch out for the songs which might remind us habits we’re trying to live without. They can be powerful hooks because music activates emotions and glues then into our brain (nope, I’m not a neurologist! LOL!)

I’d love to hear from you today – tell us what you’re listening to. What’s that tune that will always do it for you? Thanks for being awesome.

Grab your air guitar, get out there, and crank up your mood!

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