Name That Tune, Change That Mood

Name That Tune,
Change That Mood

Music can almost magically change a mood. Music captures memories and can hold them in our minds. Hearing a song – even years later – can almost transport us to other times (and other moods.)

Music has never been more portable than it is today, so let’s be sure we keep the tunes handy. The next time we need to relieve some stress, let’s crank up the tunes and maybe take a brisk walk. Listening to “Mr. Blue Sky,” by the Electric Light Orchestra will ALWAYS bring a smile to my face without any child-proof lids or co-pays!

Keep the tunes handy and crank them up when your moods needs a lift! And if you can’t bring your tunes with you, remember “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” and try whistling while you work.

What tune does it for you?

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