Now Matters

Just for today… just for this moment…
Let’s live in the moment and enjoy it without guilt or judgment about any other time.

Let’s agree to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. Sure, some of our past behavior hasn’t been perfect (but isn’t “perfect” a myth anyway?)

Isn’t it possible that your past self was actually doing the best that you could do at that time? Good for you that today you can imagine a better response to those past circumstances. Try to commend your current self for evolving to a place where you want to have done better and free yourself from judgment from the past.

Assume best intentions about your past and keep aspiring for more conscious and therefore better behavior in your future. And for THIS moment – neither past nor future – just live it, breathe it in – and enjoy the freedom of this moment!


1 thought on “Now Matters”

  1. Yes, so true!! At the time when I started smoking at age 19, I was having panic attacks. I thought that smoking might help me relax and get rid of the panic attacks. I was trying to help myself. I must stop smoking because I love myself, and I am trying to help myself once again. Thank you. 🕊️💜

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