Meditation and mindfulness are both wildly popular and widely misunderstood. While I am not an expert on the subject, I have personally reaped great benefits from a daily discipline in the past. But I became complacent and wandered away from my practice. For reasons that remain a puzzle to me, I have been slow to …

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Who Says?

Who says who you are? Well frankly, technically, lots of people can name you, label you, try to define or identify you. We tend to do that to people whenever we speak… “This guy on the bus… My friend called the other day… Somebody said that… Everybody knows that… Diabetics have more…” But the labels …

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Now Matters

Just for today… just for this moment…Let’s live in the moment and enjoy it without guilt or judgment about any other time. Let’s agree to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. Sure, some of our past behavior hasn’t been perfect (but isn’t “perfect” a myth anyway?) Isn’t it possible that your past self was …

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