Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

Is it time to get “back to school?” Summer is a wonderful time to perhaps spend more time outdoors, take trips, or go on a whimsical adventure. Maybe summer has more distractions and diversions that other times of the year. Diversions and distractions can be great ways to cope, relax, chill out, cheer up, or just plain rest.

And now, as part of the world starts thinking about getting “back to school,” is it time to get more serious about goals and making changes? Without needing to feel any guilt about taking a break, let’s get more serious about making those changes we’ve been thinking about.

Change always makes me think about habits and habits always make me think about B J Fogg. He says that the key to making lasting behavioral change is to think tiny! Visit to learn about this great (free) way to build tiny habits that can bring big benefits to your life!

Grab an apple – change is in the air!


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