Get Schooled

Prepare to be get schooled by a class of kindergartners who are well-versed in the practices of mindfulness and breathing techniques. Julie Bayer-Salzman and Josh Salzman were inspired by their son and his class who proved to have a lot of wisdom on the matter. They spent a day with the kids and families involved to get their unscripted advice.

It is a little unsettling to hear such wisdom coming from the crooked-toothed mouths of these children. Don’t be fooled by their freckles. These kids have some legit wisdom to drop. So sit back and just breathe along with them. You may want to watch it a second time with a notepad. Amazing!

Video Credit: Mindful Schools on Youtube

I may need to put this on my self-care calendar so I can watch it once a week. And if self-care isn’t on your calendar, may I respectfully suggest you reprioritize some things? Thank you for taking good care of you. Consider taking good care of some other folks by sharing this link and this site with them.

Be exceedingly well.

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  1. Beth-Ann L Bascom

    This video came at the perfect time. As I free myself from smoking, I have felt anger coming up that I do not typically experience. I tried the bteathing through the nose. I will do that and counting the next time I feel angry. Great video!
    Thank you, Tim, for sharing it.

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