Make it BeaYOUtiful!

Happy Monday, friends! If today is a gift, given to each of us, then let’s make it matter! Make a move today, take a step, challenge yourself by building a new healthy habit, or kick your healthier food plan up a notch. Why sit back and let the week run your life? Take the reigns and look at this beaYOUtiful day! Make the day go YOUR way.

Yes, this is another unabashedly, unapologetically positive post. And even if I’m not feeling QUITE that positive yet, I know that when we change our mind, we can change our day. You don’t get to control everything that will happen today, but you DO get to choose how to respond. You got this!

By the way…I know you know that you can change your day through positive self-talk. But I also know that reminders might help us to take the step toward taking control of the day. Have a great one!

And AFTER you make YOUR day better, make today memorable in a positive way for someone else and see what happens to YOUR day.


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