Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Truth! There are times in life when all we need to do is breathe… Be still. Get the gerbil off of the worry wheel in your head. JUST BREATHE

The power of the breath cannot be overstated. It is, after all, what defines our state. When we cease breathing, we cease to be (at least for some purposes.) Breathing intentionally is powerful medicine. In a British trial deep breathing outperformed some of the medications they sell there for controlling high blood pressure! Don’t underestimate it’s benefits (besides keeping you alive!) 😉

Just a couple minutes of intentional deep breathing can give our minds a reset, ground us long enough to regain our perspective, slow our mental chatter down so we can kind a rational thought – all while simultaneously bringing oxygen to every cell in our body and removing waste gases! I mean, really… isn’t that kinda miraculous! So get to it! I know you’re breathing as you read this (or at least I HOPE you are!) but let’s make today the day we start REALLY breathing.

If taking a walk in the woods as the leaves put on their show helps, go for it!

DFTYA! http://ow.ly/i/yHDp7

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