Recipe for Success

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:
– the future can be better than the present
– I have the power to make it so
– David Brooks

Things can get better.
I can make things better.

As I navigate this day (this journey, this project) I will try to keep my eye upon this question:
“What’s in my power to improve?”

I sometimes need help remembering, so I will probably employ a few sticky-notes. And if you agree that a small piece of paper, carefully positioned, can be helpful, you’ll love this next idea!
I’m going to try to find a song that reminds me of the mission, my power, and my purpose. Music and words running through our head has the power to fill our hearts.

I hope that you find yourself holding those two foundational beliefs today and always. On a day when you struggle to believe either of them, I hope you will have in your path a friend who can believe them for you.

Thank you for taking good care of you!

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