Treats and Tricks

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Be on the lookout for life’s treats because they ARE there…

…the quiet cooing of a mourning dove

… a scarlet maple leaf adrift in a puddle

…a brisk breeze that calls the trees to bow and bend

…the cryptic etchings of the frost on a pane of glass

They’re simple treats meant to delight those of us who will be still and be aware.

Watch and listen.

Let the other concerns of the day wait – at least a few moments – while you feast on those little treats, breathe deeply, and smile.

Your concerns and worries will come back, as surely as a flying leaf will eventually land. But while you enjoy the treats, let worries wait.

Beware the tricks, especially those that try to insist upon your immediate attention. Resist the tyranny of the urgent, the quick fix, the easy way out, or the solution that sounds too good to be true. These are tricks and become traps more often than not.

Take a moment.

Take a moment to find another treat and just breathe. Feel that little sense of calm that comes with the breath and the pause? Remember how serene it felt to watch that leaf drift across the surface of the puddle?

That’s it.

Find it again and breathe it in.

Hold on to the treats.


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