Breathe In the Beauty

Breathe In the Beauty

Even when the world evokes fear… beauty can always be found if we can stop, breathe, and look for the light.

Beauty may not always surround us, but it’s always there – close at hand – if we can hit the pause button and just breathe for a moment. In that nano-second between stimulus (that jerk who cut me off in traffic) and response (pounding on the horn and screaming) if I can hold on long enough for a deep breath, I may be able to hold onto my sense of peace. Take another slow, deep breath and I MIGHT even notice the intricate little etchings formed by the frost on corner of my windshield.

Days will come and go. Enjoying them is a choice.

It really is there. Beauty, a sense of greater peace, a moment of joy, a smell or sound or something to smile about. Kick the gerbil off of the worry wheel and breathe a little. You (and the gerbil) deserve a break today and you may be surprised by the beauty you find.

Thanks for taking good care of you!


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