Giving Thanks Can Change Everything

Giving Thanks Can Change Everything

Now, before you start grumbling and thinking of all the things in your life that being grateful won’t fix – I didn’t say giving thanks fixes everything. But it absolutely does CHANGE everything because it changes us!

Expressing gratitude shifts our attitude and can really change the complexion of our whole day. So here’s the #THankfulThursday challenge. Let’s hear or see the 3 things that you’re grateful for right now! They don’t need to be big things – I’m grateful for a neighbor’s red maple tree that I passed on my way to work today.

– Text me back your list
(if you don’t get daily texts, we need to talk!)
– email me photos of your 3 things
– post your list and photos on the Facebook page

After you do, you will feel differently. Our world isn’t perfect, but our worldview will improve when we feel and express gratitude.


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