Sometimes nothing is the best thing to do. Sometimes we need to stop doing and simply be. Be still and listen, breathe, slowly and deeply.

In 1968 “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay” was released, a few brief weeks after Otis Redding died. While his song told the tale of a rather hopeless sounding soul, sitting and watching, there certainly is a value to just sitting sometimes.

The 26 year old sang of ‘watchin the tide roll away’ as if his dreams were also washing away with the tide. But at the water’s edge, may people find inspiration and a bone-deep sense of peace. Think about that special place – the woods or the water – that makes you feel at peace inside. When did you visit there last? If it’s too far away, consider taking a few minutes to be still and meditate about that place as you breathe deeply.

I hope your plans for the week include time to be still, time to be inspired, and time for a trip to your sanctuary. When we seek to settle our nerves or calm our heart or inspire ourselves, we are absolutely not ‘wastin time.’

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