Kindness Wins

Kindness Wins

If you asked people if they’d like to live in a kinder world, you could safely predict a nearly unanimous response. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where people were kind? And if you asked if such a world would ever exist, lots of folks would shrug and reply, “Maybe SOMEday.” And some people would immediately answer, “No!” But…

…what if kindness were sort of…contagious?! What if an act of kindness could birth other kind acts? What if -even if you couldn’t see the contagion spread, you just kept doing acts of kindness?

MAYBE that grumpy or bitter person is hopelessly toxic and beyond redemption, but most ‘unkind’ folks are just a ‘couple doses’ of away from ‘recovering!’ Responding to negativity with negativity is easy, but it only deepens the divide.

Try considering negativity with CURIOSITY (“I wonder why she seems so hostile. Maybe she feels threatened.”)

Try responding to negativity with COMPASSION (“I think I might understand how you feel, and if you ever decide you want some help, I’d be glad to try.”)

We ALL want to live in that kinder world, and we might need to make it first. But if you look around, there ARE other folks being deliberately kind. Let’s keep building the world that we want to live in. Someone has to do it.

Why not you?
Why not me?

Let’s go!


Here’s a few words from Lady Gaga regarding the power of kindness:

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