Illness vs Wellness

As soon as “I” join another and become a “We”




It’s really true – sometimes the difference between illness and wellness is just connecting with another “I.” Sometimes a whole room full of I’s can become a tremendously powerful We! There is something not quite mathematical about the power or joining with others. We’re just better when we’re together – especially when it comes to challenging journeys.

Sometimes that connection provides accountability which can be helpful as long as it’s compassionate accountability. When we gather together with others who truly understand the journey we’re on or the battle we’re fighting, we can feel a sense of acceptance. Accountability works best when it is balanced by acceptance. People who accept us (when we’re successful and when we’re struggling) can make a big difference – a winning difference!

No one of us is as wise as all of us.

No one of us is as strong as all of us.

No one of us is as brave as all of us.

No one of us is as powerful as all of us.

It works better together because we can take turns being strong, one of us can have a bad day or a bad week because some of us are having a good day or a good week. It works better because people on the same journey know how to support others. It works better because people on the same journey can offer compassionate accountability to one another. It’s just plain better, when we do it together!

Please remember that we don’t have to make the journey alone. Get into the “We,” and get on your way to wellness.

#DFTYA! <– (If you don’t remember what that means, you should get in touch with me!)

And remember that downloading the images postcards here can be helpful. having those images on the fridge, as computer wallpaper, or stuck to the bathroom mirror can help you feel connected to others who understand. That’s #GoodMedicine! Here’s another post about healthy connections:

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