Perhaps we’re missing the point when we think and talk about the glass being half empty or half full. More important than the current state of the glass is this fact: The glass is refillable!

That’s right! It’s my glass and I take responsibility for refilling it. So, what things can refill one’s glass? These are a few of my favorite things (if you just sang the song from the Sound of Music, give yourself a point!)

Walking, even for a short time, refills my glass (and makes my heart and lungs happy, too!)

Listening to music refills my glass.

Watching a sunrise or a sunset refills my glass.

Hearing birds or a babbling brook refills my glass.

Sitting by the shore refills my glass.

Doodling with a favorite pen refills my glass.

Connecting with my favorite people refills my glass.

Making a simple gift for a friend refills my glass.

Showing kindness to a stranger refills my glass.

I’d love to hear from you about what you do to “refill.” Please leave a comment below (or if you received this link in a text message from me today, text me back!)

And if that tune is still running through your head, why not sing along with Julie Andrews? I’m pretty sure there’s room in your glass for that.

2 thoughts on “Refillable”

  1. I have a very similar set of refills! Also, watching a good movie with a friend, glass of wine in hand. Watching the sunrise and sunset from my sunroom is high on my list.
    Occasion quiet meditation also refills me
    These are a few of my favorite things!

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