Feel Good Friday – Move It!


Did you know that even a short burst of physical activity can activate the “feel good” parts of the brain?

It’s true. Runners often experience a very distinct “high” feeling, sometimes even without running for a great distance. Physical activity stimulates circulation, respiration, and can kick up some neurotransmitters in the brain called endorphins. They reduce stress and even fight pain.

I have also been impressed by how even a short brisk walk can completely reboot my day. A quick walk around the block gives my ears new sounds to hear, and my eyes new sights to see. Even my nose gets some new smells! Stimulating better circulation will make your body glad that you took a walk. So if you’re stuck in a rut – consider moving your butt! Fresh air and a fresh perspective can really feel good. 

3.10.2017 FGF

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