Just For This Moment

The world around us can seem overwhelming in countless ways.
The world within us can bring us peace – and MIGHT even change the world for people in our paths. On days when I intentionally try to manage my inner world (usually to avoid worries) I’ve noticed that sometimes the people around me seem to chill out a little.

The first few times i noticed it, I chalked it up to coincidence. But as I noticed it more and more, I began to consider that MAYBE, in at least some small way, my chill was helping others feel calmer.

So, when I feel the gerbil in my head starting to do laps on the worry wheel, I try to take a moment to breathe and summon the peace within me. And some days I picture myself as a source of that peace, radiating a sense of calm serenity to the people in my path. That’s an appealing image.

I wish I could say that I took the moment to find the peace in my inner world every time I felt anxious or angry. But like so many worthwhile changes, calming one’s inner world is a process that requires practice, persistence, and patience. I’m getting there, though and maybe (in at least a small way) my inner world is making the outer world a more peaceful place.

I find this helpful. Try it, adapt it, and find your inner peace.

“Just for this moment
(breathe in)
I will seek the PEACE within me
(breathe out)
and radiate peace, love, and compassion
(breathe in)
to all around me
(breathe out)”

Repeat as needed.

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