Days Will Come and Go

This season makes me keenly aware of the passage of time. The fall colors seem to call to us, making certain we notice that days are passing – changes are happening. They always have.

And while the change of season often stirs up regrets of too little time in the garden, it also reminds us that a colder, quieter season is ahead. There will be more time for those projects that the fair weather has distracted us from. Winter will bring me more time to read, paint, write, reorganize, redecorate, and re-imagine. The quieter season will bring me more time to dream and create, more time to fill the home with the aromas of cooking for hungry friends and much more time for board games and chatting. Even with the occasional break to shovel, that doesn’t sound like a bad time.

But as for today – even while I choose to look forward to the coming winter – I choose to enjoy THIS lovely autumn day.

Be sure to take time to intentionally breathe today and enjoy today.

Time will keep moving forward and our joy comes in choosing to delight in the brilliant colors of the foliage, rather than dreading the coming cold.

And winter, spring, summer, or fall – this recording from over 50 years ago is a way to enjoy ANY day! (I own no rights to this amazing song, but hope you’ll enjoy it!)

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