Small and Mighty

Consider the hummingbird, small and mighty. Those two words; small and mighty are often paired, perhaps in an ironic way. But small can definitely lead to mighty. Small, consistent, drops from the ceiling of a cave form mighty stalagmites and stalactites. Small obstacles in the path of a river divert it’s path and form mighty canyons.

Similarly, small shifts in our thinking can bear mighty results. And with practice we can change our habits of thought. When we change our thinking – even in small ways – we can be on to something BIG!

What thoughts do you hold that could be holding you back?
Try a tiny change. Rather than say “I’ll never be able to…,” try to say “I haven’t YET been able to…” Small change, but watch what possibilities you unlock when you change your mind!

You deserve to be free!

1 thought on “Small and Mighty”

  1. Yes! Replacing the smallest word in a thought can make the biggest difference. My go to thought change is instead of saying “I HAVE to”, I tell myself “I GET to”. This turns a negative obligation into something I feel grateful for. 😊

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