Freedom isn't free


“Freedom isn’t free,” we’ve heard the phrase, perhaps more times than we can count, but have we counted the cost of our freedom? Can we count the cost? Where would we even begin? How do you tally a price that was paid in the time, sweat, pain, blood, and lives of veterans over the span …

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QuittersWin Core Beliefs and Group Guidelines Everyone in the community has something to learn from everyone on the community and everyone in the community has something to teach to everyone in the community. No one in the community is as strong, wise, brave, or capable as everyone in the community. Out of respect for all …

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A Solid Plan

If you need to consult with a compassionate Quit Coach, get to a QuittersWin meeting, send a private message to arrange a free phone-coaching session, or hop on the Friday noon QuittersWin conference call every Friday at noon, EST.