QuittersWin Online Weekly Groups

Meetings ReZOOM!

Weekly QuittersWin meetings had to pause when in-person gatherings became potentially unsafe, but thanks to a free app you can install on your phone, we’re able to reZOOM! Zoom is an app for our phones that can allow us to see each other and talk. I think it’s important to feel connected during times like …

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Action Beats Worry

There’s plenty going on that can cause anxious thoughts. And to be fair, some of those thoughts can protect us from dangerous situations. But often those worrisome thoughts get amplified and we can obsess until we feel like a gerbil on a wheel. Sometimes even a small positive action can interrupt those obsessive thought loops …

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never a failure, always a lesson

Never a Failure

When we ignore the lesson offered to us by a setback, we choose to fail. Searching for the tip at the scene of a slip, or in the wake of a mistake, is a move that winners make. Building the habit of expecting and detecting the clues changes everything!

Just Breathe

Slow, intentional, deep breathing is #GoodMedicine! Here are an assortment of GIFs that you may want to download and save on your phone. Try deep breathing with each of them and find the one that feels good to you. The ones above allow equal time for the in-breath and the out-breath. The one below adds …

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Reframing Failure

Let’s face it – ‘FAIL’ is a four letter word. It’s rarely a helpful word. It’s a word with very negative connotations. It is often misused, especially when we are talking to ourselves. In my opinion (humble or otherwise) we’d be better off without the word. When we think that we have failed, we are …

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I Pressed On

Perhaps you have also recently seen this on a social media platform. If you rearrange the letters in the word DEPRESSION, you can spell I PRESSED ON. I love words and scrambling or jumbling them. So, this post caught my attention immediately. My first impression was that it was clever and perhaps significant that those …

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