Sucking Soot

(Special thanks to Thadryan* for the illustrations!) Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, a little rhyme might be of use For those quitting cigarettes (perhaps vaping or snus.)If you want to change, go ahead and read it. There’s help right here, for those who’ll heed it! If you’re in the mood for some silly rhyme, I think …

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#ICOVIDQUIT Rodrigo recognized that all aspects of his life got better when he quit smoking. Sure, the physical/medical benefits can be exciting. I’ve watched people get so healthy after quitting cigarettes that they were able to safely stop taking medications for hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and other medical conditions. But the non-medical benefits may be equally …

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#ICOVIDQUIT Patanisha decided to try and quit smoking when her doctor explained the increased risk she faced from COVID-19. While quitting was undoubtedly one of the hardest things she’s ever done, it’s also been one of the most rewarding. I LOVE what she says about quitting boosting her self-esteem. For over 20 years I’ve been …

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#ICOVIDQUIT The benefits of quitting may surprise you. Katie is very happy that she took this step – especially now! Maybe a pandemic is a reason to do it, rather than an excuse to wait. Listen to Katie’s calm courage: “It’s a feedback loop. When I would smoke, the feedback loop was, “I’m stressed, I don’t know …

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#ICOVIDQUIT People with courage enough to even try to quit smoking in the midst of a global pandemic are brave souls indeed, Hassi found a clearer mind, clearer voice, and clearer conscience. It’s hard and it’s worth it! Here’s his story. Get the support you need. Quitters are still winning – even in the midst …

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Disclaimer: The video in this post was produced by L L Bean and while it’s not an advertisement, I want make clear that I neither endorse their products, nor do I receive any consideration in exchange for posting their video. I’ve owned some great L L Bean products, but they didn’t pay me to say …

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Not Now?

As a person who attempted quitting smoking at least two dozen times before I found the quit I could live with, I completely understand that timing really matters when it comes to big changes. The task is even more complicated because those things we’re trying to quit have been serving as “coping devices” for us. …

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In the midst of a global pandemic, who quits smoking? Quitting smoking is tough enough during the best of times (and few of us would use that phrase to describe 2020.) But, it has been my privilege and pleasure, over the last year, to witness tremendous feats of courage and determination. I have lost count …

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Here’s some #GoodMedicine! John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world and brings in his friends Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart, David Chang, and Stanley Tucci for an SGN potluck.