Smile makers


Just a quick question for your Monday: Here’s hoping there are more smiles on your way! Remembering and revisiting those things that used to make us smile can be #GoodMedicine. So, consider dusting off your paint brushes, canoe paddles, dancing shoes, or any other smile-makers that may be stashed in your closet or basement, and …

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Right or Wrong?

Have you ever wondered why we tend to dwell on the negative possibilities? I should say, perhaps YOU don’t, but most of us do. Do you know why we think that way? Research suggests that there may well have been a benefit to having a negative world view in humankind’s past. Imagine two “cavepeeps” a …

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Happiness Some unhappiness is caused by real loss, and such unhappiness tends to become more bearable as time passes. If you feel unhappiness of this sort today, my hope is that you will find solace as time passes. There is another type of unhappiness or distress which is caused by aspects of our lives being …

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Time for You

When we voluntarily let go of a familiar (but lethal) coping tool, we can experience emotional discomfort. But it gets better with time. In order to let go of that coping skill we may need to (at least temporarily) withdraw from certain social settings. Some of the old “places and faces” can be really strong …

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