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Yes or No?

Yes or no? Oh, if only it was that simple! A few months ago I noticed a billboard on my drive to one of my consulting gigs. It was sponsored by an organization that serves addicted individuals. The sign said, “Addiction is not a choice. It’s a disease.” Upon reading it my first response was …

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Folks have strong feelings about storms and they  certainly seem to be a part of life, so here a few quotes about storms. Today my wish for you is the sentiment contained in the last quote. But first, take a moment to read and consider these other quotes by Paulo Coelho (and feel free to …

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Let it Rain

Right? We may as well “let” it rain rather than hate it, wish against it, or try to pretend it isn’t raining. Rain happens and I usually choose to suppose that the rain happens for a reason. Then it’s not only neutral, but it actually feels positive. Decades ago, whenever there was a thunderstorm, my …

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Of Grackles, Labradorite, and People Too!

Over the weekend on three occasions in three different places, I saw grackles. Of course, at this time of year, seeing birds is not unusual, but grackles aren’t that common around here. This week I rediscovered a small collection of labradorite stones that I had stashed away. I observed a similarity between grackles and labradorite. …

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Rainy Day

Rainy Day A rainy day? – Oh no! A gray day might make some of us feel sluggish, tired, or even grumpy. But to some extent, we really do get to decide what kind of day we’ll have. We don’t control the circumstances (and surely not the weather!) but we DO have the authority to …

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